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Direct data processing at the machine – with the MICA computing system

HARTING IIC MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) makes it possible to temporarily save, evaluate and process data in the immediate vicinity of machinery and equipment. With its modular open platform, the HARTING IIC MICA can be customised with custom hardware, software and interfaces – to suit your individual requirements for Integrated Industry.


MICA speaks clearly HARTING


MICA fits anywhere.

With dimensions of 13 x 8 x 3.5 cm, MICA is extremely compact and fits on the DIN rail in the electrical cabinet. It can also be installed discreetly and directly at the machine or facility. To optimise network connectivity, the front bezel can be customised with the proper connectors to fit your application.

MICA is robust and requires no maintenance.

MICA is unshakeable. The system is designed for harsh industrial and railway environments. MICA has no fan and is maintenance-free. It can be used in metallic environments and is resistant to dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations (IP67). Remote servicing for the MICA can be performed with a web browser.


MICA is customisable and compatible

MICA is a modular platform made from open hardware and software components. Unlike single-board computers – such as the Raspberry Pi – this circuit board is divided into three parts. One of these parts can be customised. The form factor and degree of protection remain unchanged after hardware adjustments.

Software applications run in virtual, Linux-based containers (virtual machines) which contain all the necessary libraries and drivers for the respective application So there are no more problems with package dependencies and incompatibilities.

MICA´s open source approach permits the user to choose the programming language and development environment.




HARTING MICA Start Up. Applications run isolated from each other in virtual containers.
In the video you can see how easy you can start with MICA.

MICA can multi-task

MICA features a powerful 1 GHz ARM processor, 1GB of RAM and 4 GB eMMC flash memory (additionally up to 32GB on a micro-SD card). HARTING's virtual industry computing technology enables multiple programs to run in parallel within virtual containers. The containers run in individual sandboxes; this isolates and secures the different components and applications from each other.

MICA is easy to use

The touch-optimised interface for end users and administrators is implemented entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript. It can be customised by developers without any special tools.

MICA reduces your costs

The one-time investment for MICA is significantly lower compared to complete industrial PCs. There are no licensing or leasing fees. The open development environment allows inexpensive prototyping and development, even for multiple projects. The power consumption for the base version is less than 5 watts.


Read the MICA Whitepaper to find out how Linux containers are being used for virtualisation in embedded devices and small computers for manufacturing environments.

Read the MICA Whitepaper to find out how Linux containers are being used for virtualisation in embedded devices and small computers for manufacturing environments.

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HARTING MICA - Unmatched Versatility – to digitally transform your business.



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New solutions for hardware, software and system design are required to realise the potential of Integrated Industry (Industrie 4.0) With this approach, customers can design their production facilities to be more modular, affordable and less complex. Customers can also implement their Industry 4.0 projects – regardless of size or complexity – quickly and cost effectively.