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Small, robust and resistant to vibrations: the MICA can be used on running machinery, in logistic or production areas, and in rail and road vehicles – both online and offline.

This creates new possibilities: so that digital networked applications can be used on-site for more efficient production processes, predictive maintenance and documentation of process data.
All the requirements of Industry 4.0 can be met with ideas and expertise generated by

Digital Retrofit

Industry 4.0 presents particular issues for plant managers: OEE, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and production optimisation only make sense if all the machinery is included. Having said that, not all machines and facilities can be connected without adding more IT systems. MICA enables a digital retrofit every time – whether it’s a 100-year-old steam engine or a ten-year-old milling machine.

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Asset Management

Digital management and networking for machines, facilities, tools and work pieces: barcodes, beacons, LoRa and RFID technology can identify practically any object digitally and wirelessly. MICA is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for combining a wide range of asset tracking methods on a single hardware and software platform and transferring them to higher systems.

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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring, using sensor data and displaying machines as “digital twins“ is the fastest way to avoid downtime. Production is more effective, while savings are achieved. MICA provides the relevant data – whether the machines are brand new or 30 years old – separating the wheat from the chaff. Check the pulse of your production processes continuously in real time. From the on-site dashboard or your smart phone.

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Data Security

IoT technology from production network to cloud is ushering in totally new challenges for IT departments. MICA and security solutions from partners reduce data to the absolute minimum, ensuring that confidential production data and IPs stay exactly where they belong.

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Energy Management

Energy Management has been a hot topic from as early as ISO 50001 and EMAS. MICA Energy and partners are seeing the benefits of introducing and retro-fitting innovative energy metering solutions for existing systems via data fusion, scalability from offline to cloud and modern open source solutions. These solutions can be seamlessly connected to OOE and predictive maintenance.

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Maintenance & Servicing

Protocol translation, predictive maintenance, smart servicing, live video and virtual reality with data glasses: MICA helps you organise servicing more effectively and save costs.

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Your machines can talk to each other – but do they actually have anything to say? Protocol translation, data reduction, data fusion, and data pre-processing on MICA gives you the most information for the lowest data volumes – wireless or otherwise.

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SAP Integration
Supply Chain

RFID, bar codes, contour sensors, cameras, transformers, gas flow sensors, SPS data, intelligent stop points and much more. With MICA solutions, you know what has been installed or needs to be procured when, where and how.

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Cloud computing

MICA is a versatile interface that connects machines and facilities at the field level directly to IT systems or cloud services.

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MICA® provides you with a network of over 20 partner companies who really know what they’re talking about. partners have highly developed expertise in fitting machines and facilities with MICA®.

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