One software platform with unlimited possibilities

Mit MICA's Container-Architektur können mehrere Anwendungen parallel und sicher betrieben werden


Access data from a PLC using OPC UA. Specify IP addresses for sensors. Save large amounts of data locally or perform initial analyses. Implement all of this directly at the machine. On one device: the MICA.

Virtualisation for your production

MICA is the first virtual industrial computing system for embedded systems and compact computers in a production environment. So applications can be run virtualised within containers. This sandbox strategy enables multiple applications to be operated, installed, enabled, duplicated, disabled and uninstalled simultaneously – with each application isolated and encapsulated. All required libraries and drivers are included in the corresponding container. This completely eliminates package dependencies or incompatibilities. The IP-based communication between the containers enables a simple, versatile interface between the applications.

The container architecture also enables multiple sensors, field devices or processes to be operated in a modular, transparent and simultaneous manner. When an application changes, only the associated Linux container is affected; the rest of the system continues to run smoothly.

Open source software: Where IT merges with the production environment

Create applications quickly and securely by taking advantage of the almost unlimited functionality of Linux. Available are numerous free Linux containers for various development environments:

MICA Container
  • Java
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • R
  • Hadoop
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA M2M protocol
  • C/C++


The Linux base: Focussing on the essentials

MICA's Linux software base takes care of housekeeping tasks such as container management, network settings, authentication, installation, upgrades and more – so that developers can focus on their algorithms. With the modern easy-to-use web interface, users can – depending on their authorisation level – operate, configure, clone or export the applications. Developers can integrate the apps transparently in the user interface using standard web-based technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

MICA Container

MICA Container

The web interface of the MICA base system with the various active Containers.



The MICA GPIO container enables you to configure and switch eight GPIOs both manually and automatically.



The user interface of a MICA-based RFID Reader.

One Step IoT

One Step IoT

A MICA container dashboard for data acquisition and predictive maintenance.

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