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HARTING offers downloads here to help you with the MICA (e.g. whitepapers, extensive technical documentation, regular software updates, press articles and our general terms and conditions of use).

From initial steps to layout and CAD data to the development of your own expansion boards.

Find all the documents you need to implement your MICA Projects here.

Getting Started with MICA

Hardware Development Guide

Introduction to MICA Programming


Flyer HARTING MICA English

MICA Primeros pasos (Spanish)

Whitepaper MICA

White Paper PLC Raspberry Pi MICA compared

HARTING MICA - Virtualisation for Manufacturing and IoT

HARTING MICA - The Integrated Industry Platform

MICA Firmware

To upgrade you MICA to download the appropriate archive and install it using Settings->Firmware Upgrade in the MICA GUI. Performing Firmware upgrades requires administrator privileges.

MICA Firmware

Firmware for HA-VIS RF-R300

Example Containers And Free Apps

HARTING and other developers provide the following containers for experimenting and as an starting point for your projects. HARTING and third party developers strongly advise that these containers should not be used for production environments or commercial applications and do not accept any liability for applications using these containers. The containers are subject to their respective licenses, in most cases GPL,LGPL, or the Apache license. To install a container on your MICA, download the appropriate archive to your PC or network and install it using the Install button in the MICA GUI. Installing containers requires administrator privileges.


Older versions of the MICA Containers and Firmware can be found in the Archive (Click HERE). 

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